“Match” restaurant

 Applying to every aspects of hotel from interior decorations to furnishings. By doing so, Hotel Double One separates itself from other Beitou hot spring hotels with excellent facilities and one-of-a-kind hot springs accommodating experience. Hotel Double One ensures a unique yet luxurious hot springs accommodation like no other.

Every floor within Hotel Double One offers different types of pleasure and visual sensation for guests. Visitors are welcomed with colors of “Red Roses” on the 1st floor, “Champagne Gold” colors were used to project a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere on the 2nd floor. “Aqua Blue” on the 3rd floor represents the magical hot springs accommodation experience Hotel Double has to offer while the basement is covered with “chocolate” themed colors to emphasis the sweetness of love.

Apart from the majestic rooms Hotel Double One has to offer, there are  restaurant and a conference room available to ensure satisfaction to both leisure and business travelers. In addition, greeneries are also to be seen throughout the hotel (indoors and outdoors) to allow visitors a relaxing environment in order to release tension and pressure after a tiring day of work or travel.